egoli - a rambling by wilhelm vincent

in the city of gold
lies a memory we share
truthful and naive;

i rebelled at your ivory towers
spat at your institutions
debauched i walked in your noisy street
took the candy from the man on the corner
it led to my downfall

i vowed not to return until i was ready
divine intervention decided for me
i knew it was time to dance with my demons

they appeared, as expected, one by one
it was the moment i saw You at the ivory tower;
i knew I had the bravery for the dance
and that i will see the other side

sitting at the dinner table
with the lingering
mending cranial damage; You assisted
at that table i learnt
not all who come across as arrogant, are
i learnt that foes can become friends
and the outsider the inspiration

it was in hell’s kitchen
where i made peace with the demons of my past
it was in hell’s kitchen
where zimbo told us everything is okay
it was in hell’s kitchen
where burroughs winked at You and i
knowing that we know what is more than enough